RPL & Skills Recognition


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process of recognising the skills, knowledge and understanding that individuals have gained in their past work experiences. Profound Services has network of RTOs providing these services and will guide you through the entire hassle free process at competitive rate.


If you have worked in Australia or overseas, you may be eligible to have your skills and experience recognised. You will be awarded certificate of relevant course. The approach take into consideration of applicant’s experience, knowledge, skills acquired from work, practical experience and duties performed to assess the required competencies against relevant course.


As an example, a person working as a cook in a commercial kitchen for few years can have their skills recognised and assessed resulting to a certificate award. However, if the required competencies are not fulfilled, the applicant may be required to do the gap study to complete the qualification.


If you have an Overseas Qualification that is not recognised in Australia, or you have prior work experience and would like to have them recognised to Australian Standards, CONTACT US. We will guide you through the whole process and have it recognised.